The forgings and castings are tested for metallurgical quality and grain flow pattern. Critical parameters controlled in the machining process are the radius of flange fillets; bearing bore diameter and its surface finish. Sophisticated measuring instruments used to scrutinize wheel bolt hole dia & oil seal bore for dimensional accuracy. Hub made of EN-8/EN-3A Steel Forging


Tata Hub Brake Drum

Vishal Franko is a premiere company that offers you a wide range of Tata Hub Brake drums. Brake drums are usually heavy metal covering that is fitted over the automatic assembly and you will find it fastened to the axle. They are used in a braking system and in it the internal shoes are normally pushed outwards in order to contact the spinning drum from inside. If you are looking for the best hubs and brake drums then Vishal Franko is the ultimate choice for you. We assure you of quality products as the products delivered by us passes through many testing process in our company.

We specialize in different models of Tata hub brake drum. Our relationship with the clients has been noteworthy and professional till date. We have made big deals with clients all over the world and the quality of our products has been the sole reason for this purpose. The Tata models for which we manufacture hub brake drums are Tata 120 model, Tata 1210 E & 85 Model, Tata 1312 model, Tata 1510 model, Tata 1612 & 1613 T.C Model, Tata 2213, 2416 & 2515nT.C Model and many more. You can contact us for more information.

Vishal Franko has been manufacturing Tata hub brake drum for different Tata models .Our range of these products is thoroughly examined for dimensional accuracy as well as material durability. We use such quality materials for making our products that ensures high resistance to wear and optimum heat dissipation.

TATA 1210 'E' & 85 MODEL
TATA 1612 & 1613 T.C. MODEL
TATA 2213, 2416 & 2515 Tc. MODEL (IOHOLES)
TATA 407, 608, 609 & 709 MODEL
TATA 407, T.C. TURBO, 709 & 909/807/1109 MODEL


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